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About Business Management

Program Objectives and Description:

The aim of the Business Management Master's Program is to provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the fundamentals of business management, which are necessary for effective and efficient management in a rapidly changing environment. After successful completion of the program, students gain the competencies and abilities to formulate solutions to all kinds of business problems and thus achieve the necessary qualifications to assume management positions and responsibilities in various companies.

The Business Management Master Program is designed as an evening program with English as the instruction language.

The modules in the curriculum are taught by experienced Turkish lecturers, who are competent in their field and have mostly international experience, by German lecturers from the Business Administration Department of the TGU (Turkish-German University), and for some modules also by lecturers flying in from Germany.

The program has a double degree program with the International Business Management Master Program of the Hochschule Bielefeld - University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Students who fulfill the conditions will have the opportunity to participate in the program, and will receive two diplomas, one from the Turkish-German University and one from Hochschule Bielefeld - University of Applied Sciences and Arts, provided they successfully complete the double degree program.
Program Content:

The Business Management Master Program is a 120 ECTS program consisting of 9 compulsory modules including a seminar (in total 54 ECTS), 3 elective modules (in total of 18 ECTS), and the Master's thesis (in total of 48 ECTS).

The curriculum of the program includes not only the core business administration disciplines i.e. "Marketing", "Accounting", " Finance", "Management & Organization" and "Quantitative Methods" but also covers the field of "Management Information Systems" (with one compulsory module and several elective modules). Nowadays, companies are intensively dealing with the topic of digital transformation. Therefore, the topic was considered important for business administration education, and some "Management Information Systems" modules were included in the curriculum. The first semester of the program consists of one compulsory module each from the fields of "Marketing", "Quantitative Methods", "Accounting" and "Finance”. In the second semester, students are expected to participate in one module each in the fields of "Management & Organization” and "Management Information Systems" and two elective modules. The elective modules in the curriculum are differentiated into the fields of "Marketing", "Accounting", "Finance", "Management & Organization", "Quantitative Methods" and "Management Information Systems". The third and fourth semester consists of the Master's colloquium and the preparation of the Master's thesis.

Target Group of the Program:

  • Employees with work experience in the private or public sector who wish to broaden or improve their business knowledge.
  • New graduates of bachelor programs such as Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematics, Management Information Systems, or Business Informatics who are seeking a career in the private or public sector.
  • Those seeking an academic career in business administration.
The program has a foreign student quota. In this context, foreign applicants who fulfill the application requirements can also apply to the program.

Job Opportunities of the Graduates:

Upon successful completion of the program, students can take up leadership positions and responsibilities in various business areas such as strategic management, finance, accounting, sales and marketing, and human resources both in the private and public sectors.
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Prof. Dr. Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoğlu and Prof. Dr. Rıza Öztürk give information about the Business Management and Double Degree Program.